Can an osteoplasty and septoplasty be performed after window of septum was used in previous surgery for grafting? (Photo)

In a recent revision rhinoplasty I had a lot of tip work done. A window of septal cartilage was taken and used for grafting. My nasal bone and septal midline are off center and in order for me to look right I think it might be necessary to correct that. My question: since I've had septal cartilage removed already, would be safe to still try to straighten out my septum and center my midline? Thanks in advance.

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Post rhinoplasty issues

The single photo you submitted is not adequate to make any judgement. You need a thorough hands on exam. It is imperative that you wait at least a year before considering a revision. The previous septal graft may or may not be an issue as you may not need additional grafting. And other graft scources are available if needed. You should seek a very experienced revision rhinoplaty surgeon.

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Osteotomy's for revision rhinoplasty, harvesting of septal or ear cartilage for spreader graft placement

Osteotomy's for revision rhinoplasty, harvesting of septal or ear cartilage for spreader graft placement can be accomplished with a rhinoplasty procedure. It's also important to wait at least one year before electing to undergo a revision to ensure optimum healing has occurred before embarking on another procedure.  To straighten the crooked nose requires osteotomies. Either ear or septal cartilage can be harvested and used for a spreader graft to straighten the midportion of the nose when that that area is concave. For more information and many examplesof crooked nose repair, please see the video and the link below

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Revision septoplasty

It is not possible to answer you based on the single photograph you provided.  Addressing your question requires multiple views including base view and a thorough endonasal exam. However, generally speaking, revision septoplasty is certainly possible but risk of compilations is higher than previous surgery. Seek out an experienced revision rhinoplasty expert to start the process. Good luck!

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