Out of options? Dr. Simon the only that does permanent fillers for curves? Need more fat but have none! 0-10k (Photo)

I got a bbl,using tummy,flanks and all back fat(skinny arms but didn't want to touch thighs so it looked portion)the first Doctor wasnt experienced with bbl and feel like he wasted a lot of my fat.I was only 135 5'4 but had a tummy.redone lipo(hated it again) so I waited two years and got another bbl,it went well but now I want fat to fill in the dent in my hip to give me more of a full figured look(Kimk)should lipo my thighs and use that? Or is there something else thats permanent

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Fill dent

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Thank you for the question and one photo but an examination is really needed to see what give you the best result.  So go on some complimentary consultations with experts in your area and compare recommendations

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Thigh Indentations

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This is a good question.  The best filler is your own fat.  It fills better than any other filler because it is "fluffier".

This is the word I use for how it acts when transferred to another area.  The fillers would require a substantial amount to achieve the same result.  I have been doing this procedure since 1993 and the results are great.  They are long lasting and permanent and age with you.  Most all the transfers can be performed under local anesthesia. 

Good Luck

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Hip Dent after multiple liposuctions

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I have treated this area with fat grafts.  The dent usually but not always occurs from a lipo cannula traversing this area from above while suctioning the saddlebags.  If you have excess fat padding in the thighs and nowhere else, this would be your best choice for obtaining autologous fat for transfer.  Plan on undergoing more than one transfer procedure to progressively build up the region.


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Hip Dents

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If you do not have enough fat then the only alternative is a custom hip implant.

There are no permanent fillers that are safe. Either fat transfer or hip implant.

This requires expertise

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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