What is "Normal" (healthy) nose breathing? Is it with one nostril or two?

I have had several cases of trauma to my nose. I'm 20 years old and experience SO MANY variations in my breathing. When I inhale, sometimes one collapses, sometimes both collapse. Sometimes it physically hurts and crumples when I breathe in. Sometimes the right nostril will be blocked all day, other times it will randomly open up but then the left side is painfully blocked. As a child they were wide open 24/7 even when I lied down. What gives? :( Can manipulating/picking my nose influence this?

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Breathing Difficulties

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Dear rosiecon12, A fully functional nose should allow breathing through both of your nostrils. An in office intra-nasal examination will help determine your cause of breathing difficulties and then a plan can be put in place to help you. See an expert in the field for proper diagnosis. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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