Will I lose the transfered fat in my butt if I continue to lose weight/fat in my midsection after a BBL?

I had liposuction less than a year ago on my stomach/love handles. Unfortunately most of my mid tummy fat is under my muscle so I'll have to lose it the old fashioned way. I want a BBL and would like to contribute my arm, thigh and back fat to be transferred into my bum (my bum isn't small but isn't huge.) If I get a BBL and proceed to lose belly fat, will the fat in my butt get lost too? Should I flatten my tummy prior to surgery considering I can't use the belly fat anyway?

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Thank you for your question. You should address the weight in your abdomen first by losing as much of that as you can before proceeding with your BBL. If you lose weight after a BBL fat can be lost anywhere including your buttocks. Typically 70% of the harvested fat that is transferred into your buttocks should stay. You could have a secondary fat transfer at the bases of the gluteal fold to ensure more support to your buttocks and improve contour. Internet discussion does not replace the advice of your physician. Hope this helps,Dr. Newall

Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Weight loss after BBL

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If you lose weight after a fat transfer to the buttock procedure you will not only lose some of the size of your buttock, but you will also lose fat in other areas (abdomen, thighs, back, etc.). You may want to lose some weight before surgery since it sounds like you have excess intra-abdominal fat. Consult with a few plastic surgeons in person for a complete exam.Best wishes,Dr.Bruno

William Bruno, MD
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BBL procedure and weight loss

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Hello,  thank you for your question. Losing weight will definitely affect your results of your BBL.   Weight loss affect all fat cells as well.   You should consider this issue after your weight loss. 

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon
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Will I lose the transfered fat in my butt if I continue to lose weight/fat in my midsection after a BBL?

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Thank you for your question.You are right that losing weight will cause the size of your buttocks to decrease.  The fat cells in your buttocks will shrink as a result of weight loss. For this reason, I think it's best to  reach your goal weight prior to surgery. This will give your Brazilian butt lift the best chance to have long lasting results.

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