Would injections in the nasolabial folds make the problem worse? (Photo)

Hello Doctors ! I'm 21 years old and I already had some experience with derma fillers. I want to start having fillers injection in the nasolabial folds. There's no wrinkle or cheek sagging but I just have a curve there because of my face structure. But since I'm so young I wonder what effect a long term injection routine would have on the fold. Will it make it worse over time or prevent the fold from getting even deeper? Thank you

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Filler injection for nasolabial folds

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It's important to remember that having a nasolabial fold is normal anatomically and that it would look unnatural if the fold was completely obliterated with fillers. Some softening of the fold however can give an aesthetically pleasing result. That being said, filler injection into the nasolabial fold, done by an experienced injector, will not worsen the fold over time. You will need maintenance treatments to keep the result but otherwise there should be no negative consequences of getting the filler injection. 

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