I took a melatonin supplement which contains a little Manitol and beet root powder. Am I OK to proceed with surgery?

Hi my surgery is in 3 days. I take melatonin every once in a while to sleep I didn't bother to look at all the ingredients which include Manitol ( which I read online is a diuretic ) and beet root powder. I'm okay to proceed with surgery correct?

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Melatonin supplement

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Hopefully by now you have already safely had your surgery.  The medication above you describe shouldn't cause a problem but it is always best to tell your PS and Anesthesiologist what medications and supplements you have taken.

Nutrition is critical

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This will have no effect on the surgery.  For nutrition consider the following: Key factors in the healing of any wound are nutrition and vitamin supplements.  There are specially formulated vitamins that are designed to optimize your healing that we use from Vitamedica.  In addition, we use Arnica and Bromelian to reduce the swelling and bruising.  Before and after surgery, nutrition is a key component that is overlooked by almost every patient and surgeon.  After the operation, your calorie and protein requirements are increased.  We design a nutritional regimen for each patient which is provided to them during the preoperative teaching.  In order to meet the calorie and protein requirements after surgery, the patients typically supplement using protein shakes.  Calorie and protein intake are recorded on a log that we provide and review at the postoperative visits.  The combination of homeopathic medicines, vitamins supplementation, and adequate calorie and protein intake are critical to the wound healing process.  Prior to surgery, we ask the patients to stop all of their own supplements as some can cause problems with bleeding during and after surgery.

Proceed with surgery?

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You should be able to proceed with your surgery. Be sure to tell your surgeon all of the medications and supplements you have taken.


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You should be fine to proceed with surgery, but please discuss all the supplements you have taken with your surgeon. Your surgeon is the one to decide to proceed with surgery or not.

Supplements and surgery

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You will likely be fine to proceed with surgery.  However, it is best to speak with your surgeon about the situation.  Your safety is always the number one priority, so it is of the utmost importance that you discuss any medications or supplements that you have taken with your surgeon.

Pre Op Supplements

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You need to clear this with your operating Plastic Surgeon. It sounds as though it won't likely be a problem but always most important to discuss medications and supplements with your own surgeon as they will want to ensure that you are safe.
All the best

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