I really dislike my smile? What can I do? (Photo)

I hate smiling in photos, my teeth are fine it's just my smile! How can I fix it

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Your smile

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Thanks for sending in your question. Your smile can be enhanced greatly and very conservatively by aligning the teeth in a straight position using clear aligners.  Although there is minor discrepancy on the incisal edges of your teeth, these can be smoothed and made even after treatment of positioning the teeth straight. Its important to take a conservative approach to your smile. We routinely change our patient's lives daily by enhancements using laser whitening, clear invisible orthodontics and other cosmetic procedures like veneers in our office. I recommend highly that you seek a consultation prior to making any decisions.
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Smile issues

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It is true that you have wonderful looking teeth--options to improve include brightening and widening your smile. Your lips smile much wider than the arches of your teeth--this creates dark corridors along the sides of your smile display. Options are to see an orthodontist to widen the dental arches or a cosmetic dentist to add to the contours of the teeth to create a wider display. Good luck!

Cosmetic Dentistry and smile makeovers

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Porcelain veneers can be a dramatic improvement in the overall appearance. Your teeth will appear whiter, brighter, fuller and most important you keep the natural luster and translucency.

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