How many future operations can I expect after having a breast augmentation?

I am 25 YO. Healthy. No kids

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Future Operations After Breast Augmentation?

Reasons for re-operation vary from technical to unavoidable.  The best you can do is to select your surgeon wisely to avoid the technical. 

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How many more procedures will you need following augmentation?

I tell my patients to anticipate needing something every 10 years or so... but this doesn't mean you're going to have to have something done as many go for years beyond that without problems.  Saline implants, when ruptured, require surgery to restore volume.  Gel implants can be ruptured, but if asymptomatic, may not require surgery until an issue arises.

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More surgeries after breast augmentation?

If everything goes well as it is always expected you must think you will have at  least one more surgery thinking on replacing them with or without a lift. It will depend on your actual breast size, your skin elasticity, the implants volume, gaining or losing weight and your outcome after pregnancy. Does it woth it? Sure it does.
Best wishes.

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Breast Augmentation Durability


A better question is 'how long until my next surgery?'  Now we can break it down into early and late reoperation risk. National average for early (first three years) reoperation is a whopping 25%. This is not the case for every surgeon, and excellent surgeons have a reoperation rates one tenth that. Tissue based planning of implant size, electrocautery dissection, funnel implant delivery, and the use of inframammary incision contribute to this reduction in risk.

Late term reoperation typically involves rupture and/or deflation. Depending on the study, 85% to 95% of most implants will survive the 10 year mark. Longer term data is still lacking, but anecdotally I see patients with implants as old as 40 years, with some still intact.

I suspect given your age, and assuming there are no early complications, you will need possibly two subsequent operations in  you lifetime.

Best of luck!

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Longevity of breast implants.

You ask a very interesting and tough question to answer.
First, there's the issue of healing after surgery.  A small percentage of patients will develop scar tissue or capsule contracture that may need revision surgery.  The incidence seems to be decreasing but the risk still remains.
Second, there is the issue of implant longevity.  We haven't had the cohesive silicone implants long enough to know how much they will outlast the previous generation silicone gel implants.  The previous generation seemed to weaken or leak between 20-25 years out in my experience.  I am hopeful that the mechanics of the cohesive implants will allow the shells to outlast the previous version but no one can say for sure.  I'd be happy if they do last 25-30 years.  Since they're cohesive it's possible that even when the shell weakens there may be no need to change them since the cohesive gel can't really flow the way the old gel did.  We just dont' know yet.
Finally, there's the other issue of changes in your breasts with aging and child bearing.  Your implants may be fine but you may need an uplift or a size change allowing for replacement of the implants 10-20 years after they're inserted. 

The bottom line for you and I tell my patients is that you must assume that they will need replacement and the frequency and incidence depends somewhat on luck and good fortune.  


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How many operations required after breast augmentation

There are various reasons that one may require surgery after a breast augmentation:

1) If there is scarring on the inside or encapsulation, surgery will be required to remove the scar, and place new implants.
2) Possibility of needing a lift. Years after the procedure, you may be happy with the size but may require tightening of the breast skin or raising the nipple to improve the shape of the breast.
3) Implant deflation or rupture. Saline implants are generally weaker than silicone implants but both types may need to be replaced due to normal wear and tear.
4) You may decide to have larger implants or smaller implants at a later date.

Therefore, it is difficult to answer your question because any one of the above scenarios may apply to you over your lifetime. It is also quite possible that you may never require another procedure. On average however, you can likely expect to have at least 1 other procedure in your lifetime.

Best wishes,
Dr. Ravi Somayazula

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Ibreast augmentation

This question is a bit tough to answer because it's different on every case. As long as your breast augmentation surgery goes well and you don't have complications and don't develop scarring, there's no reason for you to have multiple operations after. It really depends on the size you have and the changes to your breasts as well. You will definitely have to remove and replace the implants at least once possibly twice so at least prepare yourself for that. 

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Future procedures following breast augmentation

Beauty requires maintenance and there are issues relating to longevity of the implants( for a ballpark estimate let's say 20 years for replacement).  Your body will change with weight gain, pregnancy, gravity and loss of skin elasticity so though your implants may be intact, but your appearance can expect to change.  This might prompt you to another surgery.  Take it from an old guy, enjoy your youth!

Craig Harrison, MD, PA
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Future operations after Breast Augmentation

Your implants will eventually wear out.  Saline implants will not last as long as silicone in general.  But most likely you'll get many years out of them before they need replacement.

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At least one

You may need at least one more operation based on how long you will live.  Breast implants are not permanent but may last several decades.  Hopefully breast implant technology will continue to improve and implants in the future may last longer.
Obviously changes in body shape unrelated to breast implants may prompt you to have surgery.
Best Wishes,
Nana Mizuguchi, MD

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