What can fix my breathing problems without surgery?

I always have trouble breathing through my nose because of a deviated septum. I don't really think septoplasty is an option though. I feel like it is bound to almost things worse because a surgical operation technique and scar tissue will weaken my nose and pull it more over to the side. Nasal sprays dont work. Can I try pushing around in my nose? Getting castcana nd seeing which parts are deviated and then pushing them to the middle?

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Improving nasal obstructive symptoms

There are a number of possible causes for nasal obstructive symtpoms, septal deviation being one of the anatomic ones.  An in-person evaluation by a rhinoplasty specialist is the most definitive way to determine the etiology of your breathing problems.  Initial medical management with nasal steroid sprays is often a reasonable first-line treatment.  Depending on the cause of your nasal obstruction, this may or may not improve your symptoms.  

The safest and most predictable way to straighten your septum is surgically with a septoplasty.  

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What can fix my breathing problems without surgery?

Difficulty breathing through the nose should be assessed by physical exam and radiologic procedures. If the obstruction can be surgically corrected-- it should be. You will find that septoplasty and possibly turbinate trim may give you the relieve you seek. 

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