Do I need a face lift of volume? (photos)

I had ultherapy done about a year ago. I have noticed my face looks aged, but I can't put my finger on it. My family members notice I look older as well. I believe it has caused volume loss along my jaw. My face doesn't have the fullness it once did. It almost looks like a layer of fat is missing. Please advise!

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You Do Not Need a Facelift

Thank you for posting these photos. You have a very attractive, youthful face with nice bone structure. I will echo what others have said and urge you to not even consider a facelift. You may benefit from dermal fillers used to add volume in a conservative manner, but it's difficult to say for certain without an in-person examination. Schedule a consultation with an experienced plastic surgeon for more specific advice regarding potential treatments.  

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Fillers should give you the improvement you’re wanting.

I would rarely make a definitive statement about whether you need a certain procedure based on photos, however I will in this case. Based on your photos, a face lift is not appropriate. You appear to have wonderful bone structure and good skin tone, and I do not see any evidence of the loose or sagging skin that would warrant facial surgery such as a face lift. A loss of volume in the face is a common side effect of the aging process as we lose collagen that gives the skin fullness and firmness. I would advise you to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss the use of dermal fillers to restore volume around the midface area. I suspect that these fillers will give you a look you’ll be very satisfied with, and you’ll be able to avoid the cost, scars and downtime associated with facial surgery. Best of luck.

Lee B. Daniel, MD
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Volume or facelift

volume could be added under the eyes and a bit in the chin  ...otherwise it is not a great idea This website is a free evaluation by plastic surgeons..Listen to the answers

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Face lift or volume

You do NOT need a face lift OR volume.  You have a beautiful face, so save your money and do not get duped into procedures you do not need and from which you would not benefit

Malcolm A. Lesavoy, MD
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Dear Bambi0

Thank you for your question and photos!  Restoring facial volume can be done with fillers or fat grafting.

With Warm Regards

Trevor M Born MD

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Thank you for your question. Your face looks youthful regardless of your age. I would suggest consulting with a board certified facial plastic surgeon whose office has imaging capability to demonstrate how different procedures would affect your appearance. Fillers may be helpful, although an in-person consultation will illuminate which procedures you desire and would be most effective.

Best wishes,

Ross A. Clevens, MD
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You Don't Need a Facelift

You have a beautiful and young looking face. Sometimes people can benefit from some very subtle changes, but I cannot see area  that would benefit form more fullness based on the images you sent. Perhaps if you could provide photos of yourself before the procedure next to current photos we could see your concerns.

If you do consider fillers, be careful to view many before and after photos. You certainly don't want to overfill and end up with an unnatural look. 

Michael Law, MD
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Do I need a facelift?

After reviewing your pictures I believe you may find benefit from other treatments besides a facelift.  Regardless of your age you appear youthful.

Your concerns would best be addressed in discussion with a Specialist in your area.  Be sure to bring pictures when you liked the appearance of your face.

Ernest Robinson, MD
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You are very young to have or need a face lift but something more conservative like filler may be far more appropriate. See a board certified plastic surgeon in your area with an expertise in aesthetic surgery for more information. Good luck!

Dean Vistnes, M.D.
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Liquid lift

Thank you for your question. You are gorgeous and don't need a facelift! However, I think that you would be pleasantly surprised at what fillers can do for you. It would give you just the right amount of lift or boost that will maintain a youthful appearance. There are a few different types of fillers that will be right for this job, so I would suggest that you talk with your board certified plastic surgeon about what would be best for you to give you the look you are hoping for. Best of luck to you!

Leilie Javan, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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