Extremely worried, accidentally scratched double eyelid crease 7 weeks after surgery. Red, indented. Any suggestions? (photo)

I did non incisional, this morning i scratched it hard in my sleep. woke up and that area was throbbing and painful. a part of the eyelid crease was red. When I put water on it to wash my face it was sensitive and slightly painful. Might I have torn apart the stitch or something? Will this leave a dent on my eyelid? Pictures attached.

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Even seemingly trivial eyelid trauma after non incision eyelid crease surgery can be a problem.

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The crease is still present in the photos.  You would know better than us if the crease is softer now after the scratch.  The area needs to heal.  If the crease does disappear over the next month or so, you will know that the internal sutures were damaged from the scratch.  Try to minimize further trauma to the area.  If the crease does disappear in this area, you will at least understand why this happened.  Consider reposting in 6 to 8 weeks to let us know how things went.

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From the photos it looks fine.  I would not panic.  This will heal and these scars typically do heal nicely overall.  Be patient.  I would recommend using a scar product and this would be the right time to start anyway.  Good luck. Hope this helps.

Dr V

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Dont worry

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eyelids heal fantastically and if you have pulled on the scar a little it will heal back just as it would have. Just leave it 5 days and see how well it turns out. 

Maybe place a little piece of steristrip across the line of the scar just in that area to take any further tension of it. 

Hope that helps. 

Adam Goodwin

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