How do you describe this nasal feature in rhinoplasty terminology? (photo)

On a person with a sort of bulbous tip and a narrow bridge, there is a projection of the alar dome that is visible from the 3/4 view, as in this picture. The domes of the alar tip are wide and create this feature. Pointier, more refined noses usually don't have it. Is there a simple way to communicate this feature in rhinoplasty terminology, or do I just have to describe it?

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Dear hanginginthere, Any experienced rhinoplasty surgeon would know what you were discussing when you mention the alar dome. Seek some consultations with expert surgeons and they can fully discuss the nasal anatomy and techniques used with rhinoplasty surgery. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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Three-quarter view of the nose...

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I call it the "three-quarter view's tip defining point" and as you said, it's the widest part of the dome, where that dome projects out from the line that runs along the bridge of the nose.

Alar dome.

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Your pointer is on the alar dome and you only have to say that and the surgeon will know what you mean.

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