Columella strut suggestion?

I am freaking out. After my first op my nose felt fine. After the revision rhinoplasty, the opposite. It's hard to explain. I have a columella strut that I can feel below my columella like near my upper lips. I can pinch it through the skin and move it around and it makes grinding and clicking sounds. I heard it can be trimmed and wont click but you will still most likely be able to feel it through your lips!! I do not want to feel it with my fingers at all like post op 1 and I am freaking out!

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Clicking Secondary to Columellar Strut

The strut can be trimmed so it is not palpable and does not click. The strut can be fixed to the cartilage of the columellla which normally moves in all noses before surgery.

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Revision rhinoplasty a palpable columella strut

Hopefully the appearance of your nose is acceptable. 

If the appropriate time has elapsed your surgeon can modify the strut or remove completely.  Be patient, with time, most of your concerns may improve.

If a strut was applied it was because your nose required it.  Most columella struts that are employed are from either your nose or ear cartilage.  This may be supported to your nasal spine, which is bony. Movement of cartilage over this bony prominence will create sounds.

Return to your surgeon and discuss your concerns. He may offer you alternative techniques to improve your nose that do not require a strut.

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