Columella strut revision?

Heys docs I have a further question and if possible I would like doctor who have performed this exact procedure to answer. I had a columella strut that grinds and clicks and can be felt literally in the middle of my lip area. I am not a doctor but I know it is too long. When you have patients like this and perform the revision.... after you trim the strut and fix the problem.. do you need to suture it to anything I am just curious. I just had a revision and my doc sutured it to the L strut?

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Strut Revision

Hello,I am a doctor who has fixed this problem. Although you have already made a diagnosis of the strut being too long, you may not be correct. It sounds like the suture broke, and the potion that was exposed from between the native medial crura is making the noise.  This does not necessarily mean it's too long.  As I mentioned in more than one previous post, you are not going to get a good answer without an examination. Best of luck.

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Strut problem

Columellar struts can cause the problems you note, and can be revised and fixed in place to eliminate the "clicking" and "grinding."  In most cases, suturing the strut to the septum stabilizes it, and minimizes recurrence of the problems.

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Columellar strut

Hello and thank you for your question. This is a common problem and I have revised a number of columellar struts with this exact same problem.  If it is clicking, it need to be shortened and secured to the caudal septum with permanent sutures.  This will fix the problem. Best wishes and good luck.

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Thank you for the question and every case is different so you would need to be seen and examined before saying in your case whether the answer is yes or no.
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