Caucasian female needing advice for zygomatic bone reduction.

I don't like the way the high point of my cheeks jut out. If I'm thin they look like they do in the first picture, and if I put on weight they look like the second picture and it's a really undesirable look that makes me look almost masculine. I know this procedure is more popular with asian male and females, so I am looking for a Dr who can advise a caucasian female and has performed similar procedures as I know it's a high risk procedure. Thank you and look forward to hearing your responses.

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High cheek bones

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This an usually be done though incisions inside the mouth which will put the facial nerve at minimal risk.  However, the pictures don't show the prominence well.  Please make an appointment with a board-certified expert and have imaging done do assess exactly what you would like to accomplish. Best wishes

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