Do the lower later cartilage lose their strength when reshaped?

I had a revision over 4 months ago. LLCs were reshaped and moved. My tip was derotated and the LLCs were lowered down into my alar rims, near the very base. I need the lower lateral cartilages returned to their proper spot as what I have now is aesthetically very off. So my question is: do the lower lateral cartilage lose or maintain their strength when reshaped/repositioned? Thanks for your help.

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Do the lower later cartilage lose their strength when reshaped?

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Maybe yes. Maybe No. It all depends on the specific techniques the previous surgeon(s) used during your procedure.. 

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Lower lateral cartilage shape and strength?

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Lower lateral cartilage shape and strength? it depends on how prior surgery was done and the skill and experience of the revision surgeon. 

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The control of (LLC's) Nasal Tip is the most complex part of the rhinoplasty procedure.

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At four months you should start seeing evidence of your desired outcome. Without attached images it is difficult to be specific with this answer. 

However what you are describing is a very complex maneuver on a already somewhat unpredictable region of the nasal anatomy, especially in a secondary procedure.  I am a proponent of tip grafts, and strut grafts to better control this region when performing a tip reshaping.  With what you describe I am unclear if this was performed or not.  By just managing the LLC's alone in complex maneuvers I have found a degree of unpredictability. At four months your tissue is still in the early phase of your final result. Please be patient, and maintain open communication with your surgeon.

 I wish you the best,

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