Can the bridge and tip of my nose be straightened without an osteotomy? (photos)

Is there a way to push the middle 2/3 of my nose over without having to do an osteotomy? My tip is off center to the left and to make up for it my last surgeon moved my septum/columella over 2-3mm and reattached it to the anterior nasal spine in order to put it directly underneath my septal midline. Now I have a narrow nostril and a wide, misshapen nostril. I would like to have it somewhat centered without having to go through an osteotomy. Is this possible?

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You would need a closer exam to assess the septum, and keystone area.  There are also new devices, which open the nostril non-invasively.  I'd check back with your doctor, as he may not have seen you for awhile. A close examination of the nose and nasal scarring by an experienced surgeon is essential.  

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