Right breast lower pole is dented after bottoming out revision.Will it round out with time or do I need another revision?(photo)

My revision was 3 weeks ago and I see the lower pole of my right breast (where I had double bubble before) is not round.My PS used internal suture to fix my pocket thru areola.He also reduced my areola & nipple size.I went from size 275cc to 350cc since my breast has too much extra skin after breastfeeding.Right breast is perfect and has no prob.Will my right breast round out with time or I need another revision?and will it be soft and dropping/fluffing?

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Need more photos...

It is unclear from the one photo what the issue is.  Also, it is unclear what kind of lift you had (I don't see a scar around the areola, but rather there seems to be 4 linear scars all going towards the nipple???).  We need better photos pre and post op.  Also, it is not a bad idea to get 2nd opinions from board certified plastic surgeons in BH.

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Thank you for the question but preop photos and an examination are really needed to evaluate your result.  So if you have concerns see some experts in your area

Dr Corbin

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Revision Breast Augmentation


There is mild flattening of the pocket limits that may or may not improve with time. More unappealing is your low set nipple areolar complex with wide scars; you were not really a good candidate for a circumareolar (aka donut or Benelli) lift, and would have been better served with a more formal lift.  If your doctor is not a ABPS certified/ASAPS member surgeon expert in revision breast surgery,  you may want to visit one in the future when you've decided you don't want your breasts looking like that. 

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More photos needed

To best answer your questions, please post more photos showing both sides, front and oblique views, arms down. Thanks.

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