How can I avoid breaking my nose?

I am a clumsy person who has bended over to lift things up and bumped into doors, and as a result have broken my nose/had surgery multiple times. Please answer seriously, i have a visual spatial learning difficulty. I have serious breathing problems and my nose feels like it is collapsing, I really need to avoid further trauma

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Some people have bad balance. The price you pay can be broken noses.

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Dear rosiecon12 in Beverly Hills, California:      Frankly, I am not qualified to give an answer about why you are accident prone.  Some people just are.  Unfortunately, the nose is the most prominent facial feature and the nasal bones are subject to being broken more often than any other facial bone.  With respect to your breathing problem, you really need to get it checked out.  You can get the breathing corrected even without cosmetic changes.  As I mentioned in a prior response to you, do some homework.  Check it out, find out what it takes to get a better breathing operation.  Maybe you will lucky and the extra oxygen will cure some of the trips and falls.      Best wishes, Robert Kotler, MD, FACS Over 4,500 nasal procedures performed

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