Anchor breast lift & 371 silicone (style 15) implant, now saggy. (Photo)

Anchor lift & implant at same time. To me, it feels like the implant has dropped out from under the muscle? Dr says it's due to my skin & I need to relift. When I wear a bra/bathing suit my nipples pop out! Is this surgeon error or my skin? Can the muscle be sewn so implant doesn't slide down? He wants me to pay another $2500 to relift. Not sure what my options are. Need expert opinions, please!! Thank you, in advance.

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If your fold is stable

you could have an ellipse plication along your old transverse scar done in the office under local at considerable savings.  Is the $2500 for the OR and anesthesia or just your surgeon's fees?  This is why its important to know your surgeon's revision policy prior to scheduling with that surgeon.  They vary a lot and if you were my patient, your costs would be only that of my tray charge... as the results reflect the work of the surgeon.  And whether its your skin or not, the surgeon should have some strong motivations to make it as best possible for you.

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Hello,You're correct, the implant has dropped out and expanded the newly lifted breast tissue envelope. This is an unpredictable problem that can happen and is not necessarily indicative of surgeon error. Revision surgery should include pocket tightening with or without bio-absorbable mesh, and skin envelope reduction (revision lift), possibly just along the inframammary incision. Consideration should be made to change to textured implants. Best of luck!

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Anchor breast lift & 371 silicone (style 15) implant, now saggy.

Breasts usually look good in the short term after a breast lift with implants. However, patients who have poor skin elasticity and tone may experience recurrent skin stretch and sagging which may require revision surgery. Muscle repair will not prevent the implant from dropping more. Thank you for sharing your photos and question. Best wishes.
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