A lot of tiny pimples appeared 20 days after my rhinoplasty? (Photo)

Hello, Its been 20 days since i had rhinoplasty and for the past 2 days tiny pimples with white at the end have formed but theres a lot of them. To me it looks like slight sun allergy as i did go out 2 days in a row in direct sun without sunblock or a hat (20 days after my surgery). Im not sure what to do or if i should just leave them I've also been advised to put some fullers earth clay also known multani clay?

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Rhinoplasty Recovery: pimples on the nose.

After rhinoplasty, surgical tape and a cast is kept on the nose for 7 days. It has to be kept dry, which means you can't wash the skin on your nose for a whole week.After the tape and cast are removed, it is important to aggressively clean and exfoliate the skin as clogged pores can develop a carpet of pimples on your nose. Popping the pimples can create a deeper infection that cause a major problem while you are healing from your rhinoplasty. I recommend seeing your surgeon so they can examine your nose and help clean your nose safely. Safety comes first. 

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