Is It Normal To Have a Huge Scar From My Beauty Mark Removal? (photo)

Hello. This thread is a follow up from my previous one: I had a black beauty mark at about 0.4-0.5 cm and it was removed by a plastic surgeon. About 1.5 months have passed since the surgery and today the results looks like this. Compared to the old pictures from my other thread, the scar seems significantly bigger is this normal? How does it look? I am beginning to get a bit worried. Thanks :)

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Facial scarring following excision of beauty mark

Upon review of the photo, the scar looks slightly widened although it may be a shadow from the picture.  When excising a lesion, the length of the incision or scar is usually twice the length of the lesion measured pre-procedure.  So if your lesion was 5 mm pre-op, the length of the scar will be about 10 mm or 1 cm.  I usually place steri strips on the scar for approximately two weeks after the removal to provide added support to the underlying sutures to hold the skin in place.  You also have post-procedure edema, which usually resolved for the most part, around 3 months, and the residual edema resolves within a year.  I would give it more time to heal.  Remember to keep sunscreen on the area and wear a hat for one year so the pigmentation does not change.

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