Disappointed in BA. PS said 200cc was all he could fit! (Photo)

I just had my first BA and I'm totally disappointed. I wanted 350cc and PS said only 200 cc could fit! Needless to say, I'm crushed. its an improvement over what I started with, but I'm still small! I look no different in any of my clothes. Old bras still fit! At my post op the day after I voiced my disappointment, and felt dismissed. PS said to give it a chance and see how they look in three months. PS Wouldn't even discuss a revision with me. I already know this is not what I want!!!! Any suggestions?

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Disappointed with results of breast augmentation

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Sorry to hear you are disappointed with the results of your surgery.  In some cases there is an anatomical limit to the size of the implants that can be placed but without further information about you and your surgery its impossible to know if this is the case for you.  In any case you should wait 3 -6 months to allow things to heal before considering your revision options.

Implant revision

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Not sure why you couldn't get larger implants, but I was not at your surgery.  Best to wait 3-4 months and if you still want to go larger, then it probably can be done.

Want to go bigger?

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I'm sorry to hear about your predicament.  I would agree with your plastic surgeon that a hasty decision such as this can be problematic.  It's also best to wait until the tissues have stretched out and the capsule has matured before contemplating an enlargement procedure.  I would recommend an open and honest discussion with your chosen plastic surgeon and together come up with a plan that suitable for both. Good luck.

Disappointed in Bethpage

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Just wait 3 months --- larger ones can always be inserted. Let your body heal first before speaking to the doctor again, at worst , you will need a second surgeon.

Anatomy trumps desire

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There can be an anatomical limit to the implant that can safely be inserted. This may have been the case here. It is better to be safe and conservative than to be sorry, given the potential complications.  You do need to give things a chance to settle down. It may be possible to reaugmenr with a large implant but such revision should not be entertained for several months.

Too small after Breast Augmentation

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Your tissues are not a blank canvas......you have to work with what you have.  If you try to push the limits you can get a bridge between your breasts or a double bubble because too much implant was pushed into too small a space.  Unfortunately you have to adjust expectations in this situation.  Anything else leads to deformity that sometimes is really hard or impossible to fix and leaves you disfigured for the rest of your life.

The good news is that down the road and after the skin has stretched for some time and aging or preganacy has loosened you skin you will be able to go to a bigger implant that is more your ideal.


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Hi there, 
Thank you for your question. This can be a difficult issue and one which requires good communication from and with your surgeon. You are right it's definitely a significant improvement but perhaps not what you had hoped for. The anatomical limitations of chest wall and breast foot print may at times make it difficult to safely place a larger implant into the pocket whilst maintaining good aesthetics harmony. This is the crux of the discussion that you need to have with your surgeon, ideally preoperatively. The communication between patient and surgeon is a privilege and the lines must always be kept open. Call him again go talk with him and tell him your concerns. For what it's worth they look proportionate and good. Good luck

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