How to treat a 2nd degree bottom of foot burn after 2 weeks? Quickest way possible.

13 days ago I stepped on a dirt bike muffler and burned the bottom of my left foot. The next day it turned into a bubble/blister about 3 inches, but i accidently popped it a week later. I have covered it with non-stick sterile pads and dressing for 6 days now since i popped it. its an open wound that is bleeding and oozing clearish liquid. I dont know if i should keep it moist with a hydrogel burn bandage and wrap it, or if I should just keep it clean and let it breathe so that a scab can form.

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Local wound care

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I would seek the in-person advice of a burn surgeon for this important area early in the healing phase. You will need some burn care.
Best, Dr. Karamanoukian
Los Angeles

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