I'm 32 yo female. I'm going to get Beletero under my eyes but also botox, which one does I get first? How much time in between?

Hi, I am planning on getting an under eye filler but also would like botox. Which should I get first and how much time do I need in between one or the other? Can I get them done on the same day? Is Belotero the best for under eye bags? I have done a lot of damage to my skin by tanning and coaching outside over the years. I have a thick line on the very top of my forehead and it was recommended to try Botox first. Thanks a lot!

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Treatment with Belotero and Botox

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Hi Belotero is certainly a reasonable treatment for the under eye area. Because it has very little water absorption as part of its mechanism of action it can be very predictable. This area should always be treated with the caveat "less is more". Better to start conservatively and add if necessary.
Botox is a great treatment for forehead wrinkles. It is important that your MD be experienced with Botox, i.e. board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist, so that your anatomy can be carefully evaluated prior to treatment.
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Botox, Fillers, and Belotero

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I commonly inject both Botox and fillers on the same day as the procedure.  You do not need to wait in between treatments for either of these procedures.  Best, Dr. Green

Botox and fillers

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Botox and filler for forehead lines and under eye hollows are very easily combined into a single treatment session with no additional risk or change in effectiveness. Belotero can be an excellent filler for under eye hollows. It is a very thin and smooth product which allows it to be safely placed more superficially or in areas of thinner skin. There are other options as well, such as Restylane which tends to be a popular choice for this area. The bottom line is that the most important factor is the injector, not what is being injected. Within reason, many products can be used to achieve identical effects as long as the injector is skilled and experienced. Best to find a good cosmetic dermatologist to help you with your concerns. Good luck!

Douglas Wu, MD
San Diego Dermatologist
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