Best Treatment for a Large Keloid?

Hi, I am a 20-year-old Hispanic female. I have had a large keloid on my shoulder that is about 2 inches in width, annd 4 inches in length. I have had it for about 12 years now. It has grown excessively, and causes extreme pain. I feel helpless because no doctor has been able to help me. I do not have any insurance and have noticed that it continues to grow. I would like to know what the best treatment for a keloid this size would be and the cost of treatment. I greatly appreciate your help.

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Keloid treatment

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The picture of the keloid that you sent indicates that it is in a place where surgery alone would only result in more keloid formation. I would suspect that you already "went that route", and the keloid did come back, only bigger. I recommend surgical removal followed by immediat radiation treatment over a 3 day period (usually starting on the day of surgery right after the keloid has been removed). Your local County (i.e. free) Hospital should have a surgery or plastic surgery, as well as a radiation therapy department that could do both. Good luck with your treatment!

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