Best Skin Care and Makeup for Hypersensitive Skin and Rosacea?

What is the best skin care and makeup regimen for hypersensitive skin with occasional rosacea breakouts?

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Best to avoid anything that irritates the skin...unfortunately it's a hit or miss...trial and error

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method of finding the least irritating/most tolerable makeup for your type of skin...usually a green tinted makeup works well...maybe from Clinique...and it hides the redness...if you'd rather not wear makeup, then Cerave PM might be for you...good for daytime or evenings...and multiple daily applications allowed...avoid scrubbing, avoid excesses of hot and cold, stay away from harsh topicals such as alcohol containing lotions, toiletries or fragrances...and consider VBeam therapy to buy more time in-bewteen flares

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Nonirritating Products Key

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Not having the benefit of actually examining your skin as your dermatologist might, I can offer a regimen which I think would be most beneficial.

It would be important to avoid anything which irritates your skin. Also, with the descriptioin you give avoid anything which dries too quickly such as products containing alcohol or wicth hazel. If you experience redness, stinging or a rash stop this regimen and try some OTC hydrocortisone.

Thhis is an OTC regimen. However, I persoanlly try to incorpoarte as much as this regmien into my patient's routine as I can. I supplement it with prescriptioin products, of course.

1. In the morning wAsh with a CLEANSER

I Like Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Cleanser, Neutragena Sensitive Skin Solutions Cleansing Wash and Biore Control Foaming Cleanser.

2. Skip A Toner

3. Apply An anti-inflammatory/sunscreen product

My favorite is Aveeno Ultra-calming Moisturizing cream. This has Feverfew which is an excellent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. AlRouche-Posay Rosaliac Hydrante Perfecteur got that one--and to think I failed HS French!). This has selenium and niacinamide, both excellent anti-inflammatory ingredients. Eucerin Redness Relief Daily Perfectilng Lotion is also very good.

4. Apply an Oio-Free Foundation or powder with sunscreen. Mineral Makeup is a good choice, Jane Iredale and Bare Ecsensuals have good lines.

in PM

1. Wash again

2. Apply an anti-inflammatory

My favorite here is ReValSkin. Clinique CX Redness Relief Cream is also good.

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