Does Skin Need to Actually Peel for Best Results from a Peel?

I had a light/lunch time peel at my Drs office last year. This was my third peel done at that office. My skin peeled after my first two peels and I was very happy with the results.

My third peel was done by a new esthetician and my skin did not peel. It felt very dry and tight. I asked if my skin was supposed to peel to get the best results and the esthetician said no.

I live in New Jersey and would appreciate some recommendations for places to get a chemical peel. Thank you.

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Each peel needs to be stronger

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As you do a lunchtime peel series, your skin is healthier and will peel less if the acid is not stronger each time, or if not left on for longer. It is not unusual not to visibly peel, but good effects are still possible. I'd guess the doctor's assistant decreased the concentration to avoid a complication. With a less experienced person doing the peel, it is not a bad idea to prevent complications.

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