Best Product for Tiny Pimples from Mild Rosacea?

I have mild rosacea. What would be the best product to use on my forehead to get rid of tiny pimples/bumps? I have tried metrogel, hydrocortisone, oral medicine, various gentle cleansers (twice a day). They work for other parts of my face, but my forehead always has these tiny red bumps/pimples.

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Tiny pimples from mild rosacea.

I like Dr. Oppenheim's mention of Finacea. If you are going to try this medication, I would first apply a thin layer of moisturizer; otherwise, the product can cause skin irritation/redness/peeling.

You might also have blackheads/whiteheads on your forehead that may need to be extracted by your doctor.

Good luck.

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I am not sure if your oral medication was an antibiotic. If not, you might ask your dermatologist to try Doxycycline.

Also, be sure your hair is worn off your face. The chemicals which might be in your hair such as hair spray, shampoo detritus etc. , may be causing this problem.

Finacea also has been used successfully for Rosacea as has Nicomide, both oral and topically.

Make sure you avoid the trigger factors. You might join the National Rosacea Society for more advice.

We discussed Rosacea on our show of March 12.

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It's possible the forehead bumps are not rosacea, especially if

your rosacea treatments cleared the rest of your's a possibility that the forehead bumps are related to irritation, contact dermatitis, etc...not uncommon for the bumps to be dilated oil glands (sebaceous hyperplasia) or even little benign tumors of the sweat glands...or even the manifestation of damaged collagen...time to have a long talk with your dermatologist

Ken Landow, MD
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