Best Procedure for Correcting Crooked Front Teeth?

I have two things I'd like to correct about both sets of my front teeth and I'd like to know the best suggested procedure to accomplish this. First, my teeth are crooked horizontally. If I close my jaw, my teeth meet on the right outer edge, but then slope off so that there is a gap on the left outer edge, almost like a horizontal "v" shape. Second, my teeth set farther back at the center space than the outer edges, so that if you looked at my bite mark, it would look more like an "m" than a "u". What is the best option to correct these? The rest of my teeth are healthy and white and look fine, it's just the front teeth.

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Cross Bite

You probadly have a cross bite . Upper teeth normaly cover the lower teeth but your dentition don't. . At your case- The posterion cross bite- the normal bite has a interfere and for maximum intercuspation, you shift your jaw to close to have a balanced relationship betwwen upper and lower jaw. The treatment plan is based on: 1- your age, 2- if you are a mouth breather or have any problem upper respiratory system, 3- any restoration with wrong occlusion. mostly the dentist neeeds to expand and align your upper teeth so you can bite down at the normal relationship.


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