Best Laser Hair Removal for Facial Hair on the Nose?

Whatis the best way for me to remove hair growing on the nose (not in the nose)? Electrolysis or  nd:yag or IPL? Some of the hairs are dark but some are very fine and blonde.

I have already tried IPL with no effect after 5-6 treatments and was thinking ND:yag might be better. I'm a white male. Also is electrolysis an option for on the nose? Many thanks!

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Laser hair removal for nose hairs

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The choice of laser for hair removal on the nose largely depends on your skin type. You mention, the Nd:YAG -- this is the absolute safest way to go for someone who is of a darker skin type because the wavelength of the laser allows the laser to safely penetrate the skin to target the hair follicle while avoiding damaging the uppermost layers of the skin.

Fairer-skinned individuals will do well with IPL treatment as well as treatment from a Long-wave Alexandrite laser or a diode. You should be evaluated by a skilled professional who can properly evaluate your skin type and evaluate which laser is best for you prior to treatments.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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