Best Keloid Removal Treatment for Chest and Back?

I would like to know what the best treatment is to get rid of keloids? I have a lot of keloid scars on my chest and back. I tried the steroid shots but they were too painful nor did they ever work. I have too many little keloids and each one had to be injected.

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Treatment for Keloid Scars

Steroid injections are a great option and we wonder if you gave them enough time to work.  In addition to steroid injections, we use the pulsed dye laser to treat them. By closing small blood vessels near the surface of the keloids, we inhibit blood flow to the scars, which can shrink them.

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Keloid scar removal

Keloids are successfully treated with a combination of TAC injection, pressure management, and excision-if necessary.  These treatments are ideal and work within a short period of time. 

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