Which is the Best Filler to Plump out Cheeks?

Which is the best injectable filler to give more fullness to the cheek area?

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Best Filler for Filling Cheeks

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My favorite fillers for the cheeks are Juvederm Ultra Plus, Radiesse, and fat. Each has advantages(+) and disadvantages (-):

Juvederm Ultra Plus: (+) Easy, natural looking, reversible, lasts about a year; (-) relatively expensive

Radiesse: (+) Easy, cheaper than JUP; (-) not reversible, more chance of lumps, doesn't last any longer realistically than JUP

Fat: (+) Long lasting, looks good, usually plentiful; (-) Surgical procedure, more difficult/unpredictable than fillers, not reversible, longer downtime than fillers (1-2 weeks' bruising)

Although not injectable, cheek implants also do wonders for hollow cheeks, and are predictable, permanent, yet reversible if you don't like them.

I see you are in Spain - you may have injectable options beyond these.

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