Best Filler for Hollow Under Eyes?

The area underneath my eyes are starting to look hollow, and there is a pronounced delineation between my cheek and under eye area. What's the best injectable filler for these under eye hollows?

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Filler Injections for Hollowing under eyes

If you have hollowing under your eyes or what we refer to as early tear troughs I think the optimal treatment is not surgical at this time. Hyaluronic acid filler injections are good for this area of treatment. A filler such as Restylane placed very carefully along the supra orbital rim from lateral to medial in a very meticulous fashion gives excellent correction in this area and will last at least one year if not longer.  

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Pros and cons of fillers for hollow under eyes

Fillers under the eye vary, but I have recently been using Juvederm for most of these procedures in my practice. I have used Restylane as well in the past but find that it does not last as long. That said, both of these fillers' longevity I find to be markedly less than in other areas of the face. On average, I would say they last about 3 months in the under eye area or less.

I personally do not use Radiesse or Fat Transfer in this area. I find Radiesse too thick to finesse in this delicate area. I feel fat transfer much too unpredictable as to results.

A more permanent solution for "hollowness" under the eye area can be having a tear trough implant procedure. This implant fills in the hollowness under the eyes. It is a specialized procedure so it is imperative that a patient seek out a specialist in this area who has done the procedure on a regular basis and make sure that the patient is indeed a good candidate.

Fillers under the eye can also mask or camouflage the marked line that can occur when fat herniates from under the eye. For patients who have a mild herniation of fat and who are not quite ready to make that jump to a permanent solution of a surgical procedure, this can fill in the marked line between the fat herniation under the eye area. It is a temporary solution at best, and it can end up being quite expensive in the long run as it is something that must be maintained.

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Tear Troughs

It sounds like you are referring to the area known as the "tear trough".  My personal preference for filler in this area is Restylane.  However, other fillers are also used to fill tear troughs with good results.

Edmond A. Zingaro, MD
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