Best Treatment for Bags Under Eyes from Stress and Smoking?

I was a smoker and the past two years under a lot of emotional stress. I now have bags under my eyes from crying. What would be the best treatment?

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Bags under the eyes from crying

The best treatment is blepharoplasty where extra fat is removed. You have been stressed and have been smoking. It damages collagen and the weaker skin and tissues cannot hold back the fatty bags in the lower eyelids. Surgical removal will bring it back to what it used to look like before.


If you are still stressed, smoking then you might want to address those issues first. Smokers don't heal as well as non smokers. Also, surgery is always stressful even if it is done for improving the looks. It can lead to anxiety or depression even in normal individuals. You are at high risk for these possibilities. Please get some medical help to resolved these issues before undergoing any procedures.


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Eyelid bags from smoking & stress


Smoking contributes to a negative cosmetic appearance, in addition to its other adverse health affects. Patients who smoke, and may be under tremendous stress, have an increased aged appearance. They look much older than their actual chronological age.

Unfortunately, there is no best eyelid procedure for patients with baggy eyes from smoking & stress. Before any cosmetic treatment or surgery, you should do your best to quit smoking, and get the stress under control & managed. Plastic surgery is not appropriate until then. Once ready, there are many nonsurgical and surgical cosmetic treatments. Only after a comprehensive examination can a cosmetic plan be determined that is specific for you. Best of luck.

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