Can an overbite be corrected after the front 8 upper teeth have already been prepped for crowns?

The temps the doctor have made are not creating a very good bite because of adding length. My original front incisors were only 7.2mm and I am trying to get the length to 9.75. I asked my dentist if I needed orthodontics to get added length and he said no. Now I regret that I did not go that route first. If permanent crowns are put on, can the bite still be corrected and then new crowns made?

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There are 2 ways for teeth to be "longer". The first is to lengthen the edges of the teeth to have them overlap the bottom ones more. The 2nd way is to raise the height of your gums, thereby creating a longer looking tooth. Often times, adding length to the edges impinges on normal function and doesn't feel right. Your teeth should feel right in the temporary phase. I would suggest not finishing the crowns until your teeth felt right. I would need a little more information pertaining to your particular situation in order to give you more of an opinion, but I hope this helps. You can always get in touch for more.

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In most cases, adding a few millimeters of length to the upper front teeth wont affect you bite. If your teeth are in good alignment, the back surface of you upper teeth is contacted by the biting edge of your lower front teeth, so adding length shouldn't change anything when the teeth come together. I would return to your dentist and see if they can do a bite adjustment on your temporary. 


Dr. Kosdon

Michael D. Kosdon, DDS
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It's best to fix the bite in the temporary stage to make sure you can tolerate the added length before the final crowns are cemented.  You can also get adjustment on final crown if it is needed.

If you send photos I will be able to give you more accurate advice.


Dr. Maddahi

Kourosh Maddahi, DDS
Beverly Hills Dentist
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