I am 3 weeks post op. Can a seroma heal if not drained?

I had two abdominal masses removed. They look different, one is starting to get firm where you can't tell if it is fluid or not. The other one it still soft and fluid like under it. It has a very small spot that looks a little infected. But just at the end of my incision. They are bigger then the original masses. My dr said that they are healing normal. Should I get a second opinion. I feel like they should be drained. I have sharp pains from time to time also. Please help! Hairlady36

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If fluid build up can be seen and felt, it should be drained. often after a seroma is drained a couple times it will resolve. Consistent compression and limiting activity will also likely be advised. Ultrasound imaging is often used to verify a seroma.

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I am 3 weeks post op. Can a seroma heal if not drained?

Thank you for sharing your question and congratulations on your tummy tuck.  Small seromas may eventually be absorbed by the body but typically these are of a size that they would not be noticed by a patient or physician.  If your masses are indeed fluid filled and large enough to be identified, best to have them drained.  Because nothing replaces an in-person examination I would discuss your results with your surgeon and if you do not receive answers that are sufficient, seek a second opinion. 

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