If I had breast augmentation in 2015 and have severe capsular contracture, what can I do to fix it at home?

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Capsular Contracture


Your Plastic Surgeon will need to examine you to determine the severity of Capsular Contracture. For milder cases, supplements and massage techniques might be advised for the patient to do at home, but severe cases require surgical intervention and there is no way that you can "soften" or resolve that on your own unfortunately. Talk with your Plastic Surgeon about your options.

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Severe capsular contracture

Hi and thanks for your question. It is completely necessary you need to be seen by a plastic surgeon, if it is a severe capsular contracture there is nothing to do at home and instead you could hurt yourself.
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Dr. Milla

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Capsular Contracture

I am sorry that you have capsular contracture.  Unfortunately, there is no home remedy for this condition.  You will need to see a board certified plastic surgeon to advise you on what your therapeutic alternatives are.

Mark A. Schusterman, MD
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Severe capsular contraction

Thank you for your question and there a no "home remedies" for this problem and you will most likely need surgery to correct it.  There are several options that can be done but the best option to help keep you soft and natural looking is to have the capsules removed and new implants under the muscle with an Acelluar Dermal Matrix.  You can do lesser a procedure but you have a higher risk of a recurrent capsular contracture.  I would speak to your PS and even get several opinions on what will work best for you.

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Breast Aug and capsular contracture

Thank you for your question. If you have a severe capsular contracture you need to see a PS for evaluation first. Based on that treatment will be planned.

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NO home remedies for contracture

Thanks for your question and I'm sorry if you in fact have a contracture. The degree of contracture must be assessed by your surgeon. Massage, Singulair and sometimes ultrasound have been used. With progressive tightening of the capsule however only surgical correction will resolve the issue. The capsule and implant must be removed. Statistically implants that are silicone, less than 350CC and under the muscle have the lowest rate of contracture. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
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Home remedies for capsular contracture?

Unfortunately, there are no home remedies for capsular contracture.  Some physicians may use pills such as Accolate and Vitamin E for the mainstay of oral treatment. Therapeutic ultrasound has likewise shown to be beneficial. Recently, in our office we have found good success with a technique called z-wave. The capsule is bombarded with linear acoustic sound waves to soften it. If all of these modalities fail the surgical options are either cutting in to the capsule or removing it. Go back to your chosen surgeon to discuss your options. 

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See your surgeon

The first thing to do is see your surgeon.  Nonsurgical methods such as massage, Vitamin E, and Singular are sometimes effective, but whether they are safe and/or likely to work depends upon many factors, including implant type, placement technique, and severity of contracture, so don't start them without first talking with your surgeon.

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If I had breast augmentation in 2015 and have severe capsular contracture, what can I do to fix it at home?

I am sorry to hear that you have capsular contracture. If the implant is firm, hard and uncomfortable only surgery can correct it. You will need implant removal, capsule removal and replacement of the implant wrapped in Acellular Dermal matrix. Please see your surgeon and do not attempt anything at home.

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