Looking for a Doctor who had done a lip reduction surgery on Asian skin. Any suggestions?

I wish I could take off 1 centimeter of my lips thickness. I would like to know the estimated cost for the over all procedure. How experienced you are with the lips reduction surgery, especially on Asian skin type. And estimated how long it will take to heal the wound entirely?
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Candidacy for Lip Reduction

Without any photographs it is very difficult to make any judgements on your candidacy. Costs can vary depending on which surgeon you choose, their location, the type and length of the surgery, type of anaesthesia etc. I recommend researching specialist facial plastic surgeons in your area. You can find their reviews online on websites such as RealSelf. You can also check their website for before and after photos of Asian lip reduction patients. Schedule a consultation with the best surgeons you found and then you can choose which doctor is best for you

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