How long do crowns last? Three need replacing

Looking for some advice. Just come back from the dentist and have been told that I need three crowns replaced due to decay at the margins. The three crowns were fitted in '10 and '11. I know I do not have the best of teeth, but I am fastidious in cleaning them and go to the dentist at least twice a year. In total I have seven crowns, the four that have been fitted by my current dentist will now have to have been replaced. The other crowns are fine. Curious to know what could be going on.

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How long do #crowns last? #DrSoftTouch

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"How long will a crown last?" is a pretty difficult to answer because there are so many factors that go into that answer. A crown that is made and fits properly can last 20 plus years. Proper home  care and routine dental checkups are key in maintaining the longevity of a dental crown. I hope this helps.  Click "save" under my name, if you'd like to ask me more questions in the future.

How long do crowns last?

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On a regular basis a crown could last between 10 and 20 years. It will depend on the specific case of the patient, and behabiors like clenching and grinding, crown materials, a porcelain fused to metal usually lasts longer but leaks on the fitting and a esthetics that Cad/Cam designed ang milled crown offers.
If a crown doesnt fit properly, for example, the gap between preparation and tooth can retain food/ debris, that makes changes on pH creating a good enviroment to grow bacteria, with the time, cavities appears on those small spaces, on x-rays are black spots between your tooth and crown.

Jose Alonso, MD, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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How long do crowns last?

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Without pictures it is impossible to give you a precise answer. If you have concerns you may want a second opinion.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

How often do you floss?

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Usually when the margings of a crown get decay it is due to improper flossing.  Crowns on average have a lifespan of 10 years.  Obviously if you are good about your hygeine they will lst longer.  If you are prone to cavities you may want to try Prevident 5000. It is a high fluoride toothpaste that will help keep cavities at bay.

Joseph Proscia, DDS
Bonita Springs Dentist

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