Are the seroma fluids making my breasts feel even more swollen and tight? What are the risks? Should I be worried? (photos)

2nd day PO. I stayed at the clinic for 2 nights because a lot of fluid are coming out from my breasts. Only drain from right breast was supposed to be removed. Due to movement/position last night I may have moved the drain on my left breast causing me a lot of pain & discomfort. So the doctor decided to remove the left breast drain as well even though it's still producing a lot of fluid/blood. Now my breast feel even tighter & swollen. Is it due excess fluids that can't come out? I'm worried.

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Should I be worried?

Thank you for sharing your question and photographs. Unfortunately pictures alone can not answer your question and I would favor having an evaluation by your plastic surgeon to determine if you are accumulating fluid in and around your implant pocket.  This is termed a seroma.  Only with an in-person evaluation of your breasts can the appropriate diagnosis be made and treatment options detailed.  Best wishes.

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