Why is my nose 4 weeks post revision open rhinoplasty larger than before? When 3 weeks post op it was very nice (Photo)

I am currently 4 weeks post revision open rhinoplasty to reduce the bump in the Centre of my nose from frontal view. I kept a cast on for three weeks to be safe. When the cast came off I loved my new nose. Now one week later it is even bigger than before and the bump is back, again. How can it be this has happened again that the bump is still not reduced or that it has so largely increased in the last week from 3-4 weeks post surgery?

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Postoperative nasal swelling

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I would give it time. The cast tends to compress the nose and diminish swelling or edema. I would suspect the long term result should be fine but I would recommend close follow up with your rhinoplasty surgeon.

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Nasal edema

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A splint of the nose prevents edema from developing an keep the nose small.  Once the swelling started a can make the nose appear large.  With time it can go back to its original size but use of steroid injections can expedite the process.


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Nose at 3-4 weeks post

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At 3-4 weeks post-op, your  nose is likely very swollen.  Best to be patient to give it time to heal. ..

Steven Wallach, MD
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