Chronic nose fidgeting.

Sometimes I find myself pushing, squizing, turning and pressing the tip of my nose. My nose is relatively big, but not ugly. I now wonder wether this chronic nose fidgeting, that I've been doing to myself, in any way could have had an impact on the size of my nose (and nose tip). The behavior occurs most often, when I'm purposely not trying to do it, or in stressful situations. Can it in any way damage my nose? Have my nose becomed bigger by doing this? Am I the only one doing this?

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Chronic nose fidgeting.

This is not likely going to change your nose. Do not chronically pick it though, this causes issues. I would speak with a counselor or therapist to help you sort out the stresses. Honestly, it could really help you reach a healthier and happier state of mind. Hope that helps!

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