Are antibiotics working? Got a post dental implant infection.

I got 2 dental implants 15 days ago. Everything went well I didn't even need pain killers. 4 days ago The stitches were removed and everything was fine. From that moment I started to feel a slight throbbing. The next day pain, I went back to the doctor and said there was a small infection And gave me another course of antibiotics. Now is my 3rd day on them, it is a long weekend so cannot call them back until Tuesday but the pain and throbbing I would say are getting worse. Should I be worry or patient?

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Call the DDS

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The antibiotics should definitely be working already. I highly suggest you calling the dentist as this is a very important issue and should not go without attention.

Santa Monica Dentist

Pain and throbbing

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It is not normal for pain and throbbing to get worse when on antibiotics. Most dental offices hav an emergency contact number. I would call the dentist and share your concerns. Don't wait until Tuesday.

Vicki Borowski, DDS
Dallas Dentist

Implant may be failing.

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Typically implants heal well but some that seem to go perfectly during surgical and post surgical period fail.

This may be the case.  Stay on the antibiotic but that is not a typical course of healing.

If an implant does fail it is usually best to wait 6 months for healing.

Good Luck

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