Can Fraxel Repair Improve a Surgical, Depressed Scar?

Hello, I had an excision on my upper lip. 4 weeks after surgery the doctor used fraxel repair to improve the depressed scar. After the swelling was gone the scar seemed to be deeper and wider. Now 6 weeks after treatment there is still nothing to see. The skin around was treated too, so I have a krater now. I'm really afraid that fraxel repair made the appearance of the scar even worse. What would you suggest. Could I have an excision again or a treatment with another laser like fraxel resore?

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Fraxel Treatment For Depressed Surgical Scars

Either Fraxel Re:pair or Fraxel Re:store can improve deep surgical scars. It is important to understand that deep surgical scars cannot be fully healed and recovered, however they can be significantly improved. Fraxel Re:store will require more treatments than the Fraxel Re:pair. Treating the scar with fillers in addition to Fraxel treatment will provide better results.

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