Fraxel Repair for a Depressed, Surgical Scar?

Dear Doctors, I'm writing from Germany. I had a excision on my upper lip. 4 weeks after he treated the depressed scar with a fractional co2 laser and after another 4 weeks again. After the swelling was gone I realized that the surrounding skin is even more depressed and the scar looks even bigger. 5 weeks after last treatment it's still the same. Is there a chance that the skin will come back on "normal" level? I'm afraid... What would you suggest? Thanks a lot and sorry for mistakes Anna

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Depressed Surgical Scar Treatment

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As I understand, you are saying that the Fraxel Re:Pair treated areas around the excision scar look depressed 5 weeks after the 2nd Fraxel procedure? I’m not sure what to make of that unless the multiple passes of the Fraxel during each procedure caused bulk heating of the tissue resulting in a full surface, full depth response. If this is what happened you would have seen a lot of scabbing and a slow healing wound. I would see a dermatologist who is an expert with lasers.

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