How effective is laser hair removal on chin hair effected by hormones?

I am a 24 year old mother of 1, she is 3. I have noticed since shaving or plucking fair hair under my chin over a year ago- I have gradually seen an increase in black hair under my chin some of them quite thick. It's got to the point that I am very self concious of them. They are only just at the base of my chin, literally the area where I have plucked. I also get very stressed easily I understand this can effect hormones. Do I have a hormone problem? And if I do will laser hair removal work?

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Laser hair removal and hormones

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Laser hair removal can be very effective for some people. But you really need to complete the series of treatments because each hair is in a different growth phase.  Even if it is not permanent reduction, it can decrease the amount.  The area may still grow hair but sometimes it can be lighter.  You may need touch ups in the future, since pregnancy or other health issues can promote hair growth.

Hair growth due to hormonal changes?

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Hello, thank you for your question.  Hormones play a big part in the growth of hair. Pregnancy causes changes in hormones and can play a part in the increased hair growth on your chin area. Laser hair removal can be very effective for the reduction of hair in this area.  Hair reduction is a series of treatments, usually 6-8 treatments done 4 weeks apart in this area. As your hormones change, due to pregnancy, menopause, etc... the hair growth can also change. That being said, if you do laser hair reduction now and get pregnant again in the near future, the hair growth can return.

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