4 months post op TT with MR. Last 2 weeks looking pregnant, I have been flat. Is this normal?

I feel pregnant and uncomfortable.I run and do pilates and the more i do...thr bigger i getI see my surgeon in 1 week and I have been on a high protein and veggie diet. Diet totally changed after surgery. Im losing weight but belly very full...pregnat looking and discomfort. want to disappoint him after his great work.

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Recovery after TT

It is difficult to help guide you without photos but swelling can definitely worsens and improve intermittently in the post-op period. I recommend you visit with your Plastic Surgeon to get reassurance that you are progressing normally. Best wishes. 

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Tummy tuck results

Without pictures it is difficult to comment on what is happening.  However, even with pictures, the right thing to do is to visit your plastic surgeon.  Don't worry about his disappointment, he would want to know how your result is evolving, and if you are dissatisfied.  Trust me, make an appointment to be seen by your surgeon, and voice your concerns.
Best of luck!

Dr. Subbio
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Dr Derby

Thank you for your question. It is important to attach some before and after photos to your question so that we can evaluate and answer your question better.Best of luck

Derby Sang Caputo, MD
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