Ptosis surgery and recovery question. Assymetry in lid position; is this normal?

Today, I had a corrective procedure to fix ptosis in my left eyelid. The left lid position is now higher than my right, "unaffected" lid. Is this normal? As the swelling,which is minor, goes down will there be more summery? I was surprised to see my previously droopy lid so wide open ...

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Uneven eyes day of surgery

Thank you for sharing your question. The day of ptosis repair the eyelid is swollen from anesthetic and swelling. See your doctor in 4-5  days post op for evaluation.  Good luck,

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A photograph would be invaluable to advise you.

First, you may be over corrected.  I am very tolerate to heaviness in an eyelid immediately after repair.  An eyelid that is too open after ptosis surgery is an emergency.  One cannot let the eyelid heal this way.  It warrants an immediate return to the operating room.  What is do high?  If the eyelid margin is resting at the junction between the colored part of the eye (iris) and the white sclera or if the sclera is visible.  I will return to the operating room and losses reset the deep eyelid sutures to reposition the eyelid.  Letting the eyelid heal too open is very challenging to repair once the tissue has healed.

Now if the operated eye is actually correctly position but the good eyelid is now heavy, that is a different kettle of fish.  This is Herring's law ptosis.  Generally this is something that can be identified before surgery and that often prompts a recommendation to have bilateral upper eyelid surgery even when only one eyelid is apparently droopy.  

I recommend that you call your surgeon and bring these concerns to their attention and see what he or she has to say.  Consider reposting with photographs so we can be more helpful.

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