Popping feeling under right implant?

I got silicone implants about two years ago under the muscle. I am 6 months pregnant and have gotten much bigger but the past week have been feeling a popping sensation under my right implant. It almost feel like the implant is coming out of the pocket. It happens when I'm lying down and turn over to the right side or if I bend over. This morning I woke up and had an achy feeling on this side

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When something new happens with your implants

its always best to see your surgeon for an exam and history.  If you cannot, there are plenty of other board certified plastic surgeons who can help you for a consultation fee.  Without changes in breast size (not caused by pregnancy), nothing 'bad' is happening.  This is not an urgent issue but you should get checked when you can.

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Need an exam

It's hard to tell what's going on without an in-person examination.  Some of the hormones of pregnancy, particularly Relaxin, can make your connective tissues more elastic, so it's possible your implant pocket has stretched.  If that is the case, you might or might not need a revision after the baby is born and you are finished breast feeding.  (Of course, it's common to need a revision after a pregnancy anyway, due to the stretched out skin.)  You should have your plastic surgeon examine you to make sure it's not anything more serious.

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Possible Implant Movement

Thank you for your question. I'm sorry about your discomfort. This sensation is most likely due to implant movement and it's more likely to happen if you have smooth implants verses textured implants. Sometimes this can be due to implant deflation if they're saline. I doubt that you are in any immediate danger. It would be wise to contact a board-certified plastic surgeon, preferably your original surgeon. Best of luck to you! Thanks.

Dell Smith, MD
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